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CAMP's reputation for producing high-quality premium flower continually draws interest in our products from curious CAMPers. And we love it.  Our extensive genetic library includes a number of highly prized cannabis strains, many of which, are unique to the Missouri industry. We focus on diverse terpene profiles combined with its high cannabinoid potency, facilitating the Entourage Effect to the highest degrees possible.  Take a peek at the CAMPground genetics here


3.5 Grams Premium Flower

CAMP pre-packaged eighths are flush with premium, top-shelf flower rich in diverse terpene combinations with cannabinoid potencies engineered to accommodate the entire range of patients and consumers. CAMP flower exemplifies purity, cleanliness, and consistency.  Our end goal is growing quality flower. 

5-Pack Premium 1 gram Pre-Rolls

Our pre-roll packs contain five (5) - 1 gram pre-rolls cured and crafted with precision so you get an even burn through the entirety of the consumption experience. 

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