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CAMP Concentrates

CAMP Concentrates are crafted by passionate, experienced team members with the connoisseur consumer and new comers in mind. All of our concentrates start with 100% premium CAMP flower, never trim. This provides the most full and flavorful profile experience possible. 

Concentrates Crafted with Care

Our most beloved CAMP Cannabis strains are available for you to enjoy in a concentrate form! Crafted from our full bud flower (No trim) to retain the complete phytochemical profile of the plant, our concentrates are here to deliver a punch of flavor with every hit. 

Crafting concentrate involves a synergy of both science and art to create a variety of textures and consistencies. CAMP premium flower genetics can be found in concentrate form as badder, budder, sugar, diamonds & sauce, shatter (pull and snap) and live resin. Stay tuned as we continually expand our concentrate offerings along with our genetic library. 

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