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CAMP is a trusted Missouri cannabis brand that specializes in creating premium cannabis products. We aim to deliver a consistent and enjoyable experience to all our patients and consumers, regardless of how they consume.
Offering flower, concentrates, vapes and more, all under one roof will save you time and provides the convenience of one contact, one delivery and one purchase order!
CAMP’s menu is live on LeafLink to help streamline the ordering process and allow you the flexibility to order online, any time. Click below to start placing your order.

Additional Sales Support & Marketing Services

CAMP understands that our responsibility lies much deeper than just providing our dispensary partners with products. We offer additional sales support and marketing services to all stores, regardless of your location in the state or your order size. Along with providing quality, consistent, and effective infused products, we will also work with you on the following:
•    In-store pop-ups
•    Product samples for your staff
•    Display packaging or samples for the shelves
•    Budtender training and incentives
•    Digital and physical marketing collateral including posters, table tents, info cards, etc.
•    Swag and merch for your team
•    Free standard delivery
•    Facility tours

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