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CAMP Cannabis (Certified Alternative Medicine Providers) is a wellness-minded brand that is here to provide a premium top-shelf product in the form of pre-packaged flower and manufactured products that has a focus on terpene and diverse cannabinoid profiles.


CAMP starts from the ground up. Our flower exemplifies cleanliness, consistency, and quality. In order to achieve this, our expert cultivation team utilizes data-driven processes and proven genetic cultivars.


Our cannabis cultivation is one to watch when it comes to innovation and quality control in the Cannabis Industry.


We are a feel-good brand for a feel-good experience. We believe in quality of life and want to make a community of Happy CAMPers that are able to thrive in any aspect of their life.


Bettering the quality of life in every patient and consumer.

A compassionate patient-focused, consumer-oriented team - Comprised of licensed healthcare and business professionals with tenured experts from all facets of the cannabis industry.


Natural therapies - Derived from countless hours of research and development by industry-leading Cannabis breeders and growers, designed to specifically address each qualifying medical condition, as well as cater to consumers of every experience level.


Lab-tested products - To provide reliable and consistent results for every patient and consumer who enters our facilities.


Safe Access - Welcoming customers from all walks of life to a comfortable environment with professional staff rich in knowledge and compassion.


A dedicated focus - To address each and every patient’s disease state and consumer preference while positively impacting their lives.

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