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CAMP Vape Cartridges

CAMP Vape Cartridges are developed with passion and crafted by highly experienced lab technicians with both cannabis connoisseurs and new comers in mind. All of our vape cartridges start with 100% premium CAMP flower, providing the most complete and flavorful profile experience possible . 

Vape Cartridges made with the cleanest distillate possible

Our 1 gram distillate vape cartridges facilitate the highest levels of convenience and discretion for cannabis consumption. These carts are filled to the brim with ultra refined, high potency distillate and hand-selected cannabis derived terpenes that are true to taste with every puff. 

 We offer a variety of fan favorite flavors and seasonal offerings to accommodate a range of tastebuds. Variety is the spice of life, and we aim to please at CAMP. 

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