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CAMP Concentrates

CAMP Concentrates are crafted by passionate, experienced team members with the connoisseur consumer and new comers in mind. All of our concentrates start with 100% premium CAMP flower, never trim. This provides the most full and flavorful profile experience possible. 

Vape Cartridges made with the cleanest distillate possible

CAMP Cannabis is taking convenience to the next level with our 1G distillate vape cartridges! Ultra refined, high potency distillate and hand selected cannabis derived terpenes that are all true to taste with every puff.


We offer a variety of fan favorite flavors to accommodate a range of tastebuds, plus who doesn't love having options! Speaking of options, look at what CAMP has for you! Three distinct categories of terpenes for your vaping pleasure: Botanical Blends, Hemp/Botanical Blends, and THC-derived. 


Botanical Blends

Are you a new cannabis consumer? Do you want to get buzzed and feel great on something that tastes good enough to eat? Then try one of our Botanical Blends.


Botanical Blended terpenes are an effortless way to get introduced to cannabis and to learn how terpenes contribute to your consumption enjoyment. Terpenes affect your senses and create the entourage effect in your body.  

Hemp/Botanical Blends

CAMP Cannabis offers a second level of cannabis/terpene introduction with our Hemp/Botanical Blended distillate cartridges. These terpenes give you aromas and tastes more like cannabis, yet still are sweet and flavorful. 

Cannabis-Derived Terpenes

CAMP Cannabis’ THC-derived terpenes are primed and ready for the vaping connoisseur. The starting biomass material is chosen based on its’ terpene profiles and the strains are kept separate throughout processing. 

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