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OUR Brands

CAMP brands strive for a feel-good experience while providing a variety of products.

CAMP (Certified Alternative Medical Providers) encompasses a variety of brands for all patient and consumer needs.  Missouri based and women-owned, we strive to be leaders within the cannabis industry. Our cannabis cultivation and extract manufacturing is one to watch when it comes to innovation and quality control within the industry.  CAMP is a wellness-minded company that is here to provide a range of products to allow options for each type of consumer. Whether you're a patient, a veteran consumer of cannabis products, or a new consumer, we have what you need.  Check out our brands! 

CAMP Cannabis is a wellness-minded brand that is here to provide a premium top-shelf product in the form of pre-packaged flower and manufactured products that has a focus on terpene and diverse cannabinoid profiles.

SPARKiT offers pure,  quality, standardized prepackaged flower at an affordable cost. This offers a convenient way for consumers to purchase larger quantities of valued genetics for a budget price. 

Huxton provides three Cannabis flower blends that are presented as a desired effect rather than individual strains or even differentiating between Indica and Sativa. Huxton blends are for new Cannabis consumers and veterans alike that make the user experience convenient and consistent. 

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